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Weaving Techniques

Here we demonstrate the typical weaving techniques used in bamboo crafts.

The Beppu Bamboo Craft as a Traditional Handicraft

In Japan, craft items can be designated a 'traditional craft product' under the law for the Promotion of Traditional Craft Industries. Beppu bamboo craft was one of those designated by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in 1979.

There are eight weaving patterns including "Yotsumeami", "Mutsumeami", "Yatsumeami", "Ajiroami", "Gozameami", "Matsubaami", "Kikuzokoami" and "Rinkoami". These are known as Beppu bamboo craft techniques, and inherited techniques from earlier craftsmen.

There are more than 200 combinations made using these patterns.

Basic Weaving Techniques

Cross Pattern
Yotsume ami
Hexagonal Pattern
Mutsume ami
Octagonal Pattern
Yatsume ami
Netting Pattern
Ajiro ami
Mat Pattern
Gozame ami
Pine Needle Pattern
Matsuba ami
Chrysanthemum Bottom Pattern
Kikuzoko ami
Bull's Eye Pattern
Rinko ami
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