• Check the calendar.Separate garbage and put it in a designated bag. Tie the bag and bring it out to the designated place by 8:30 in the morning of the collection day.
  • Separate "Burnable", "Non-Burnable" and "Cans, Glass/PET Bottles". Put them in each designated bag.
    *Up to five bags collected at a time for individual household!
  • If the garbage is too big to put in the designated bag (and if you cannot close the bag tight by pulling the drawstring), separate it into "Bulky Refuse".

Beppu City designated garbage bags

The Sign

for Burnable and Non-Burnable
L 200yen/10bags  S 100yen/10bags

for Can, Glass and Plastic Bottles
L 180yen/10bags  S 90yen/10bags

*The Sign


Green bag

Using the city designated green bag.

*Place in "Bulky Refuse", large items that do not fit in regular sized bags.

◆ Food scraps and green waste

◆ Kitchen Oil

Used oil disposal agent or old cloths.

◆ Plastic containers

Food, detergent and oil containers

◆ Rubber and leather goods

◆ Electric carpets

The controllers with in "Non-Burnable garbage bag"

◆ Cassette and video tapes

Outside plastic case Place in "Non-Burnable"

◆ Foamed styrol, snack bag and aluminum


clear bag

Using the city designated clear bag

*Place in "Bulky Refuse", large items that do not fit in regular sized bags.

◆ Matal goods and ceramic ware

◆ Fluorecent tubes, light bulbs, scissors and razors

Place knives in paper bag or warap with cardboard.

◆ Plastic products

Except any of these items as mentioned above.

◆ Small appliances

Microwave, PC and T.V

◆ Non-Recyclable cans and bottles

Oil cans/bottles and cosmetic bottles Aerosol cans and gas cans

Cans / Glass Bottles /
PET Bottles (Recyclable Resources)

pink bag

Using the city designated clear bag

*Place in "Bulky Refuse", large items that do not fit in regular sized bags.
  1. Bottle tops should be removed.
  2. Rinse well.
Plastic → "BURNABLE"
Empty and rinse well.


Beverage or food cans. Rinsed well.
*A dirty or left food residue cans and bottles go in Non-Burnable bag.

Water, tea, juice, alchol Sweet tin Canned food
*Rinse well


Rinced bottles with food, beverage, medicine and seasoning.
*A dirty or left food residue cans and bottles go in Non-Burnable bag.

Food and beverage Medicine Sauce, seasoning and salad dressing
*Rinse well


pet Must be rinse well and should be beverage, soy sauce and vinegar plastic bottles with the logo.
Excluding oily bottles or the contain of other than the above with the logo go in "PLASTIC BOTTLES". A dirty or left food residue "PLASTIC BOTTLES" go in "Burnable" garbage.

Old paper, clothing and fabric

*Grease, wet and tough stains are "BURNABLE WASTE"

◆ Old papers

tied in bundles into the clear bag
Magazine, book, paper bag, snack bag, tissue paper box, calendar and poster etc....
Newspaper and fryer Cardboard Magazines

◆ Old clothes and fabrics

into the clear bag
Clothes Towel, blanket and sheets tough stain, socks and belt, neckties, cap, soft toys, futon/doona, curtains

Television / Refrigerator / Air Conditioner /
Washing Machine

Home Electronics Recycling Law

Under the new law, home electronics cannot be disposed of and must be recycled. You cannot bring them into the Disposal Center.
The store which sold the product should be in charge of taking it back.
Contact the store which sold the product, or the store which is selling the replacement.
You will be charged for recycling and collection.
If you do not know the store, contact the Environment Division of the City Hall at 0977-66-5353.

New Recycling Charge(Excluded tax)

TV Air Conditioner Washing Machine
& Dryer
below 15 inch
1,300yen 2,300yen below 170L
over 16 inch
over 171L

*The recycling charge depends on its manufacturer.


Collection Charge(Excluded tax)

The collection charge depends on each retail store.
*City Collection Charge 2,000yen per item(Excluded tax).

Recycling of Personal Computer

·The manufacturers are obliged to recycle personal computers. The city cannot collect them nor accept ones directly brought into the disposal center.
·Please contact the manufacturer for the collection and disposal service.
·Please have access to the website of Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA):
image7 *  If you find this sign attached on the PC, the collection and recycling charges should be included in the price, and no further payment should be required for disposal.

Collection and Recycling Charge(Excluded tax)

image7 image7 image7 image7
Desktop PC
(display excluded)
3,000 yen
3,000 yen
tube display
4,000 yen
3,000 yen
*The charges are subject to change depending on the brand.

Extra collection (chargeable)

Bulky Refuse
Bulky Garbage discarded when moving house
  • Collected every Wednesday / Reservation required
  • Large furniture, bicycles, etc.
  • The collection charge per item will be either 300 yen, 600 yen or 800 yen (tax included).
*We cannot collect PCs and Motorbikes.


1. Call at 0977-66-5349 for reservation.
2. The bill will be sent by the Environment Division.
3. Pay at the designated financial institutions.
4. After the payment is confirmed, the collection date will be notified you by phone.
5. Bring the garbage by 8:30 a.m. to the place where the truck can go in.
*Your presence is not required.
  • Collected every Wednesday / Reservation required
  • You can choose either morning or afternoon collection.
  • Bring the garbage by 8:30 a.m. or 1:00 p.m. to the place where the truck can go in.
*Your presence is required.
Please pay the charge to our staff when the garbage is collected.

Collection Charge of Beppu City
2-ton truck one carload
8,000 yen (Excluded tax)

Recycling of Milk Cartons

Put them in a box provided at the City Hall, the branch offices or the supermarkets.

*Those with aluminum lining are "Burnables".

Collection of used cooking oil

It must be for domestic use and over 10L.
Contact: Recycling Information Center TEL:0977-25-5310

Prividing subsidy for collecting valuables

The subsidy will be provided for the children's associations, the elderly's association and/or residents' associations to support their activities on collecting valuables.
Contact: Recycling Information Center

Dead Animals

Dead pets must be placed in a bag or box for collection.
Contact the Environment Division (0977-66-5353) .
The Charge is 800 yen per box/bag (Excluded tax).

Business Wastes

Under the Waste Management and Disposal Law, business wastes from offices, stores, hotels and factories (including NGO activities) must be disposed at their own cost .
Please use private collection services or bring into the disposal center by yourself.

In case you bring in

Fujigatani Disposal Center
for Burnables, Non-Burnables and Bulky Refuse.
Burnable Mon. ~ Sat. 8:30~17:00
can be brought in on national holidays as well.
Non-Burnable Mon. ~ Sat. 9:00~15:00
cannot be brought in on national holidays.
Bulky Refuse
*You cannot bring in between 12:00 and 13:00.
Contact:Fujigatani Disposal Center TEL:0977-67-6111

Fujigatani Disposal Center
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For further information, call 66-5353. The Environment Division, Beppu