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Hot Spring Treatment

Beppu is the first city to research hot spring treatment pertaining to therapeutic use on patients.

The best time to bathe is between meals, however when you are tired take a rest for 30mins to 1 hr before bathing.
The best way of bathing is to soak in water of 40℃ for 3mins at first, then gradually extend to 5~10mins and get relaxed after.
One with high blood pressure or heart disease should take a lukewarm bath.
Hot spring effect reaches its peak after 2 or 3 weeks, so after that we recommend you to take intervals before trying again.
If you feel bad after repeating, stop taking or decrease the frequency until you recover.

Undoyoku (Walk in the Bathtub)
It provides treatment against Coordination Disorder by standing or walking in the buoyancy of thermal pool.
Harvard Tank
Bathtub with the devices of making pressure, bubble and/or eddy which you can take lying on the bed.
Bubunyoku (Partly Bathing)
You are treated and trained by dipping the diseased part of body into the bathtub.
Mineral Mud Bath, Steam Pressure Bath

You can enjoy a variety of bathing. Read the instructions about adaptability and contraindication before you enter.

Contraindication: Cases (Conditions) with which you shouldn't bathe in or drink the hot spring.
Adaptability: Cases (Conditions) with which you can expect the effect when you bathe in or drink the hot spring.

Medical Institutions

Name Address Phone
Kyushu University Hospital at Beppu 4546 Tsurumibaru Beppu 0977-27-1600
Beppu Rehabilitation Center 1026-10 Nakayamada Oaza Tsurumiaza Beppu 0977-67-1711
Beppu Medical Center 1473 Oaza Uchikamado Beppu 0977-67-1111
Beppu Onsen Hospital 22-1 Oaza Noda Beppu 0977-67-1131
Shinbeppu Hospital 3898 Oaza Tsurumi Beppu 0977-22-0391
Beppu Developmental Medicine and Habilitation Center 4075-1 Oaza Tsurumi Beppu 0977-22-4185
Kuroki Memorial Hospital 14-28 Shohaen Beppu 0977-67-1211
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